TWAS-CUI Postgraduate Fellowship Programme 2023

TWAS-CUI Postgraduate Fellowship Programme 2023

The TWAS-COMSATS College Islamabad (CUI) Association Program for Postgraduate Examinations offers cooperation to youthful researchers from agricultural nations other than Pakistan who wish to acquire all or part (sandwich or full-season) of their PhD in regular or sociology. Term: from at least a half year to a maximum of 3 years (as long as a year and a half for a sandwich program).

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TWAS is the voice for science in the South. The World Foundation of Sciences for the Progress of Science in Emerging Nations, known overall by its abbreviation, TWAS, upholds maintainable flourishing through research, education, strategy, and discretion. The foundation is situated in Trieste, Italy.

TWAS was established in 1983 by a recognized gathering of researchers from the creative scene, under the authority of Abdus Salam, the Pakistani physicist and Nobel laureate. They shared a conviction that emerging countries, by developing fortitude in science and design, could construct the information and expertise to address such difficulties as craving, illness, and destitution. All along, the Institute had fundamental help from Italian researchers and political pioneers.

The Third World Foundation of Sciences, as it was initially known, was initiated formally in 1985 during a function attended by Joined Countries Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar. At first, TWAS had 42 chosen colleagues, nine of them Nobel laureates. The name was changed twice: in 2004, to “The Foundation of Sciences for the Creating Scene” and, in 2012, to the ongoing one, “The World Institute of Sciences for the Progress of Science in Agricultural Nations”. Today, TWAS has 1,296 chosen colleagues—a portion of the world’s most accomplished researchers and designers—addressing in excess of 100 nations; 11 of them are Nobel laureates. Around 84% come from non-industrial countries, and the rest are researchers from the developed world whose work essentially affects the South. TWAS colleagues are the establishment for the foundation’s entire work.

Program subtleties

TWAS-CUI Postgraduate Associations are legitimate in the divisions and research centers of the COMSATS College Islamabad (CUI) campus. NB: In 2018, COMSATS Establishment of Data Innovation (CIIT) changed its name to COMSATS College Islamabad (CUI).
Partnerships (for those enlisted for a PhD in their nation of origin): Cooperation might be stipulated for at least a half year and a maximum of a year and a half.
Full-Time Partnerships (for those not enrolled in a PhD program in their home country): Cooperation may be granted for up to three years. Up-and-comers will enlist for their PhD in the applicable division at one of the grounds of CUI, Pakistan.
The language of guidance is English.

The opening date of this partnership is June 1, 2022.

The closing date of this partnership is August 31, 2022.

Candidates are urged to apply for the fundamental acknowledgment letter from CUI as soon as possible. Remember that the main acknowledgment letters are dated that very year as the extended time of use is qualified.

Atomic and Cell Sciences
03-Natural Frameworks and Living Beings
05-Compound Sciences
06-Designing Sciences incl. Processing and IT
07-Stargazing, Space and Studies of the Planet
08-Numerical Sciences
09-Material science 10-Social and Economic Sciences

Area: Pakistan Benefi
Math, Biosciences, Metrology, Drug Store, Science, Ecological Sciences, Physical Science, Substance Designing, and the Executive Sciences are some of the areas where collaborations are presented.
Cooperation is also covered in the following social and financial sciences: Advancement Studies, Financial Matters, Financial Aspects, and International Relations.
CUI will give a month-to-month payment which ought to be utilized to take care of living expenses like food, convenience, and medical coverage. The month-to-month allowance won’t be convertible into unfamiliar cash.
Effective candidates will want to start in the spring semester of 2023 (depending on the availability of PhD programs in the spring), which starts in February 2023, with the exception of the Abbottabad grounds, where the spring semester starts in March 2023.

Candidates for these partnerships should meet the accompanying models:

They should be citizens of a non-industrial country (other than Pakistan); should not be in the vicinity of Pakistan; and should not hold any visa for transitory or long-term residency in Pakistan or any created country.
hold a MSc degree (with research) in a field of inherent sciences; if applying in a field of qualified sociologies, hold a MSc degree in a field of sociologies; be at least 35 years old by 31 December of the year of utilization; for FULL-TIME Cooperations: hold a MSc degree (with research) in a field of sociologies; be at least 35 years old by 31 December of the year of utilization;a) enroll at CUI, Pakistan; b) have 18 years of education up to MS/MPhil degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0; not hold third division (for example, under half checks) throughout the academic cycle; completed the departmental assessment inside the first semester of studies, or have a legitimate GAT (subject)/GRE (subject) score as indicated on the CUI site at http://international.admissions.comIn utilizing on the web, up-and-comers should choose the “CUI-TWAS cooperation” choice and present an examined duplicate of every scholarly declaration (records and degrees). Whenever acknowledged, applicants will be given an Acknowledgment Letter from CUI.
c) Please contact Mr. Kashif Masood, Appointee Recorder (Worldwide), at if you have any questions.
Associationsa) be PhD students in a developing country and provide an “Enlistment and No Protest Declaration” from the HOME college (see example below or remember for the web-based application structure); b) provide an authority Acknowledgement Letter from CUI (see example below or remember for the web-based application structure).Demands for acknowledgment should be sent to Mr. Kashif Masood, Delegate Recorder (Worldwide) (by email at, who will work with the task of a host manager. Candidates should go with their solicitation for an acknowledgement letter with a duplicate of their CV, an exploration proposition frame, the finished unfamiliar student data sheet (available beneath for download) and a filtered duplicate of their legitimate visa (simply a page with picture and biodata). For any inquiries, if it’s not too much trouble, contact (NB: Solicitations won’t be acknowledged at some other email address) He/she must demonstrate that she/he will return to her/his country of origin at the end of the association; that she/he will not take on other tasks during the duration of the association; and that she/he will be financially responsible for any time spent with relatives and any delay in finishing the cooperation. Other than Pakistan, emerging countries like

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